Reuben Pace
"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art."


"Music is a mysterious mathematical process whose elements are part of Infinity."


"First of all, ladies and gentlemen, you must forget that you are singers."


"It is necessary to abandon yourself completely, and let the music do as it will with you."


Latest News

Pace Invited to Minsk

Last month on the 19th Pace was invited by the Belarusian Union of Composers to give a presentation about classical music in Malta in general with particular focus on Pace’s projects and the European Capital of Culture 2018, Valletta. The presentation was then translated to Belarusian and transmitted over the state radio.

Official events for Hearing Orpheus Today 2018 launched

Pace has launched the official events for Hearing Orpheus Today 2018. In 2018 the Hearing Orpheus Today concert shall be held in 3 countries – in Valleta , Malta (European Capital of Culture 2018) on the 13th of April, in Minsk, Belarus on the 25th of May 2018 and in Brno, Czek Republic in Autum 2018.

Pace launches the Project "City of Humanity"

This month Pace officially launched the project "City of Humanity". This is a large project being done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Employment as well as the Ministry for Justice, Culture and the Local Councils. Visit the offical site for further details.

"Fil-Qosor" to be performed in the Belarussian State Academy of Music, Minsk, Belarus

This Friday, 7th April, Pace's work "Fil-Qosor" shall be performed in the Belarussian State Academy of Music, Minsk, Belarus.

This concert is connected to the concert "Hearing Orpheus Today" which shall be performed by the same Belarussian musicians who are coming to Malta on purpose for this concert. For the concert in Malta one of our top most Maltese classical singers, Clare GHigo will be joining the Belrussian musicians for some of the pieces.

Hearing Orpheus Today II

Hearing Orpheus Today II is the second concert in the annual series which is being organised by Reuben Pace. The aim of this series of concerts is to disseminate the appreciation of classical music with a special emphasise on the music of living composers. Last year the concert was done twice, once in Gozo and once in Malta. The proceeds of the concerts were donated to 2 couples whose children were unfortunately stricken by cancer.

This year we present to you a concert consisting mainly of music by living composers from Belarus and Malta. This event is being done in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Minsk, Belarus and the School of Performing Arts of the University of Malta. The performers are Natalia Malnach (piano), Clare Ghigo (mezzo soprano) and Yauhen Shymanovich (Clarinet). The concert shall take place at the Valletta Campus Theatre (ex. MITP), St.Christopher Stret, Valletta on the 18 th of April at 8pm. Entrance is against a donation of 5 euros at the door.

Pace is first Maltese composer to be included at the Valletta International Baroque Festival (in Maltese)

The fifth edition of the Valletta International Baroque Festival will welcome a Maltese composer for the very first time having only hosted foreign-based composers before this year.

The festival will include the world premiere of Pace's Concertino for Guitar, Harpsichord and Orchestra work.

The concert will also feature work from Arvo Pärt, Gustav Mahler, Ottorino Respighi and Astor Piazzola.

Pace's latest major work, Concertino for guitar and harpsichord shall be premiered on the 26th of January 2017 at the Manoel Theatre during the Valletta International Baroque Festival.

The soloists are internationally acclaimed German guitarist Johanna Beisteiner and Maltese pianist and harpsichordist Joanne Camilleri. It is the first time ever that a contemporary Maltese composer is being included in this festival. For bookings go to the Valletta International Baroque Festival website.


After initial music tuition starting from the age of eight, Pace sat for a Bachelor of Arts in Music at the University of Malta followed by a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

In September 2001 he completed a Master of Arts in Creative Music Technology and Music for Film, Media and the Arts at the University of Wales, Bangor (UK). Subsequently he sat for a Ph.D in composition at said University of Wales, graduating in 2012.

His music is performed regularly in Malta as well as in the UK by Ensemble Cymru, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, by Painting Music , and the Duke String Quartet.

He has also had performances in St.Petersburg and Moscow, Russia as well as in Rome. Some of his scores have been included in the prestigious Schumanhauss museum in Bonn, Germany. Pace has composed for a wide range of ensembles including for symphonic orchestra as well as ensembles combining acoustic and electronic elements.

One of his most prominent works is the multi-media opera 'Il-Kantilena , Karba ta' Hames Mitt Sena, Karba ta' Zmienna'. This work was comissioned for the national celebrations of the fortieth anniversary of Malta as a republic and is the first ever Maltese multi-media opera.

He currently lectures at the University of Malta, as well as working regularly on commissions in his own recording studio in Siggiewi.